Become a god

I am not a god yet, but together we can become one !

Do you know something about front-end development ? Do you know cool tips and tricks that you use everyday that make you more productive ? Do you know wanna share that with others to make them better developers ? Do you wanna help others become gods ? If yes, then join FrontendGods where we all can become gods together !


If you want to share your knowledge, send an email to with the subject I want to become a god and specify if you want to be an editor or an author. Also write a line or two about yourself so we know you are not a computer.

Rules for Contributing

After you get your account, you get full access to author content. But don't misuse this advantage. The rule is simple: * WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE and WRITE ABOUT FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPMENT * Your account WILL be removed if you don't abide by this simple rule.

Have fun Sharing