Installing Node on Ubuntu the easy way

Disclaimer: I use this for my personal projects, continue at your own risk!!!

Here is the Install shell script if you cannot wait and just want to install node.

Here is the UNInstall shell script if you needed to uninstall it.
You MUST double check the link for the download, the link might change later in the future if you want to use the script, because the url is hardcoded to the
script, you could give the url if you want, up to you, change the script however you want. This is just a very simple script, not much error checking or any all that, just very simple. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING !!!!

Go to and copy the download link for Linux Binaries (.tar.gz) for your OS Kernel Architecture. I am using a 64bit so mine looks like this: The 32-bit ends in linux-x86.tar.gz. Thats all you need. Follow the steps below :

Add yourself to the /usr/loca/bin folder (needs admin password):

ME=$(whoami) ; sudo chown -R $ME /usr/local && cd /usr/local/bin

Use the link you copied after the wget command below:

mkdir _node && cd $_ &&     wget http://link/you/copied -O - | tar zxf - --strip-components=1

Make the symbolic links

ln -s "/usr/local/bin/_node/bin/node" .. # Making the symbolic link to node
ln -s "/usr/local/bin/_node/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js" ../npm ## making the symbolic link to npm

Test and see both node and npm are recognized:

node -v  && npm -v

That's it !