Using Q and Promises to read from file with Node

Project Files Click here to download the project files. ... Also be sure to check out my latest course on Angular 2 using this coupon link: http: »

Build a simple command line application with Nodejs

Building command line applications is very fun and useful. You can learn a lot by making your own application. But make sure you pick the right »

Useful Git Snippets

Useful snippets rename branch git branch -m oldname newname deleting remote branch git push origin :newfeature Get all the branches git branch -a Push up everything »

Author image AJ on git

A Git Workflow

getting started Follow the instructions at bitbucket and install all the necessary things. Then clone the repo: git clone [link to the repo] Then you can »

Author image AJ on git

Making font sizes based on fibonacci sequence with LESS

Even though it is not the best idea to use a lot of JavaScript in LESS, it come in handy when you need to define something »

Installing Node on Ubuntu the easy way

Disclaimer: I use this for my personal projects, continue at your own risk!!! Here is the Install shell script if you cannot wait and just want »

When Ubuntu's Package Manager Dies with Python

There might be a day that your python is totally messed up and you won't be able to do any apt-get install. The situation is even »

Setting up Apache Proxy to Serve Node Application

Set up proxy Install build essentials then: aptitude install -y libapache2-mod-proxy-html libxml2-dev Enable apache modules: a2enmod Then it will ask you for the names of the »