Getting Started with Ruby for JavaScript and Node Developers

Recently I have been brushing on some of the languages that I used to work with. After working with JavaScript for a while, I thought it »

Getting started with Go for Node Developers

Recently I have been learning Go and wanted to write this guide to help other JavaScript/Node developers who want to learn Go save some headache. »

Learn Asynchronous JavaScript in 2018

The following is an excerpt from the newest book that I have been working on "Asynchronous JavaScript". You can read it online for free at asyncjsbook. »

Getting Started with Babel 6

Project Files You can click here to download the project files. Set up First, it is a good idea to uninstall the babel-cli if installed globally: »

Running Asynchronous JavaScript Code in Sequence with Async Waterfall - Part 1

Project Files Click here to download the project files. Make sure to run npm install before running node main.js Async is a JavaScript library that »

The Double Equals Operator in JavaScript

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Filter an array with a simple curried function

TL;DR ... const activeUsers = (input) => { const is = field => item => ( item[field] ) return input.filter(is('isActive')) } The is function is a curried function »

Memoization in JavaScript

There are many places where you can take advantage of memoization to save computation space and time. One example is computing the n-th term of a »

Hello World Mocha

Install Mocha globally: npm install –g mocha Then create the package.json file in your project directory: npm init And install should. Should is an assertion »

Hello World Desktop App with Node.js

Hello node-webkit With node-webkit, you can create desktop applications with CSS/HTML/JS and more importantly take advantage of node modules directly inside the html. In »