Getting Started with Babel 6

Project Files You can click here to download the project files. Set up First, it is a good idea to uninstall the babel-cli if installed globally: »

The Double Equals Operator in JavaScript

After reading this article, you will know all you need to know about coercion and double equals in JavaScript. The double equals (loose equality) operator is »

Filter an array with a simple curried function

TL;DR ... const activeUsers = (input) => { const is = field => item => ( item[field] ) return input.filter(is('isActive')) } The is function is a curried function »

Hello World Mocha

Install Mocha globally: npm install –g mocha Then create the package.json file in your project directory: npm init And install should. Should is an assertion »

Hello World Desktop App with Node.js

Hello node-webkit With node-webkit, you can create desktop applications with CSS/HTML/JS and more importantly take advantage of node modules directly inside the html. In »

Build a simple command line application with Nodejs

Building command line applications is very fun and useful. You can learn a lot by making your own application. But make sure you pick the right »